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Icon Malcolm

Icon Malcolm

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This vibrant mixed media canvas pays homage to the iconic Malcolm X, a powerful figure in the fight for civil rights. Measuring 18x24 inches, the artwork features a bold portrait of Malcolm X in striking reds and blacks, set against a stark black background. The artist has used a combination of acrylic paints and expressive brushstrokes to capture the intensity and passion of Malcolm X's


Explore the allure of this exclusive artwork, personally signed by the talented artist Malcolm Xavier. Each piece is a unique creation that brings art to life.

Size: 18x24 

Art Medium:  Acrylic paint, Oil Pastel, Gold leaf 

Top Coat: resin

Important Information:

  • Limited to 1: There's only one of these artworks available, making it truly exclusive.

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  • All Sales Final: Please be aware that all sales of this artwork are final. We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or provide refunds, so make your choice thoughtfully.

  • Order Discretion: We reserve the right to review and potentially refuse any orders based on our discretion.
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