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Collection: Sticker

Malcolm Xavier: The Social Artist

Introducing the exquisite range of art by Malcolm Xavier - an artist renowned for his dedication to making art accessible to everyone. Every piece in this collection resonates with Malcolm's unique touch and vision.

A standout feature of Malcolm's work is the 'hand embellishment'. This intricate detailing is more than just a technique; it's a symbol of the artist's commitment to his craft. Every sticker sold from this collection is adorned with gold leaf foil, adding a touch of luxury and distinction.

Malcolm once said, "The hand embellished stickers come from a place of making art affordable for all in all forms." And true to his word, this collection is not just about the aesthetic appeal but also about breaking barriers and democratizing art.
Discover the beauty, the passion, and the story behind every sticker. Own a piece of Malcolm Xavier's legacy today.

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