Malcolm Xavier Aims To Make Xstory with Art

Malcolm Xavier Aims To Make Xstory with Art


Malcolm hosted and organized the show at atiti studio in Pittsburgh Pa. Malcolm, is an American artist who works in a variety of mediums, including vibrant acrylic pour, collage, and abstract portraits. He is best known for his unique Gold Teeth made from gold leaf that is shown on his portaits. His work is heavily influenced by African American culture and history and his pieces often depict historical figures and scenes from his upbringing.


Malcolm Xavier exhibited Xstory in his first show of 2022. This collection is about Black history abstract portraits. There are 8 pieces in the collection, including Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and more.



Malcolm wanted to include his social media following into the show with his reels and private online viewing before the door opened. Once opened Malcolm had a day filled with excitement from people from all walks of life as well as his social media following behind the scenes.


Malcolm says, "I think the show was a success because we all have stories to tell and each one is different. I put these images together to tell my story of their xstory."

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